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The Free Trade Agreement with Australia

Discovery House, Head Office of IP Australia
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Jane Lambert

On 16 Dec 2021, the Secretary of State for International Trade signed the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (see the Department for International Trade's press release of 16 Dec 2021). The Agreement had been agreed in principle by the Prime Ministers of the two countries as I noted in The Proposed Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement on 17 June 2021. The full text of the Agreement can be found on the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

The Agreement consists of a Preamble, 32 chapters of substantive provisions some of which have their own annexes, four annexes and several side letters. The chapters cover:

Chapter 15 consists of 96 articles on intellectual property starting with "Definitions" in art 15.1 and finishing with "Environmental Considerations in Destruction and Disposal of Infringing Goods" in art 15.96.  The Chapter is divided into the following sections:
  • A.  General Provisions: includes definitions, objectives, principles, understandings in respect of the objectives etc.;
  • B. Cooperation: committee on IP rights, patent cooperation and work-sharing etc.;
  • C. Trade Marks and domain names;
  • D: Geographical indications;
  • E: Patents and data;
  • F: Undisclosed data;
  • G: Registered industrial designs;
  • H: Copyright and related rights;
  • I:  Trade secrets; and
  • J:  Enforcement.
I shall consider the various provisions of Chapter 15 and how they might affect IP practice in the UK in due course.

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